Launch Easy and Fast Phishing Campaigns

Get ahead of attackers techniques

Use real life scenarios

Launch Sophisticated Phishing attacks

Increase awareness maturity

Monitor reported phishing emails

Email Templates

Rich Email templates library ready to use and can easily be modifed

Customizable Scenarios

Choose from built-in scenarios or create your own scenario

Landing Pages

Swift redirection to data entry and awareness landing pages

Launch it now or later

Run Campaigns immediately or set the date and time to execute

It also include Real-time results, Capturing credentials and File-based attacks attachment
Targeted campaigns & Tailored scenarios

Real Life Scenarios and Semi-identical Landing Pages of Familiar Websites

  • Launching a campaign will send out emails to users and each email status can be tracked

  • User interaction to emails and landing pages are captured and analyzed

  • Dashboard and Reports will highlight awareness levels

Friendly Interface

easy to user admin panel to manage recipients and assign admin users. customizable dashboards and campaign status reports.


access to capabilities that help you troubleshoot email delivery and investigate any issue you might encounter


manage and control collected insights and meta-data with complete isolation from other campaigns

Monitor Progress

compare previous campaign results and observe awareness programs to aid areas of importance


Data Breaches

90% of Data Breaches occur on account of phishing.


Cyber Attackers

65% of Attackers leveraged spear phishing as a primary attack vector.


Phishing Emails

60% of Phishing Emails are opened.

Why Sayad ?

Because real-world phishing attacks training is effective

  • When your employee is regularly receiving phishing mails and training to spot those emails, It hardens them to look at every email cautiously and spot the smallest of give aways instantly. This regular hardening prepares your people to be ready and armed to spot real phishing mails and protect your organization.

  • Sayad trains employees on how to successfully identify, report, and protect themselves against common-to-advanced email attacks using real-world training simulations

You’re all set

Sayad being a SaaS makes it easy for you to just focus on achieving your cybersecurity awareness objectives, it also enables you to measure the progress

Be Proactive

Sayad enables you to swiftly launch campaigns that are similar to an existing attack which will lower th risks of your employees interacting with real phishing attacks


Pricing that fits your needs

Simple and flexible pricing options, for big and small organization.

SR 0

Per Recipients annually

  • 50 Recipients

  • 10 Campaigns

  • 5 Reports

  • 1 Custom Templates

  • 1 Admin User

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SR 233

Per Recipients annually

  • Unlimited Recipients

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited Reports

  • Unlimited Custom Templates

  • Unlimited Admin Users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before getting started

Can I see Sayad in action before purchasing?

Sure you can, by trying the free subscription. It will give a chance to try most of the Sayad features and capabilities

What are the requirements for using Sayad?

There are no requirements for using Sayad, expect for requesting your preferred subscription plan

Can I use Sayad on different devices?

    Sure, Sayad can be accessed via regular desktop Web Broswers and mobile browsers

Dose Sayad have a free trial?

Our Free tier subscription plan is one year trial which will give you a chance to try most of the Sayad features and capabilities

Does Sayad include LMS?

Currently No, but its part of Sayad product roadmap

Can Sayad be installed on-premise?

    No, Sayad is Software as service “SaaS” which means you can use it without worrying about installation, configuration and updates

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